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CITY Aldgate Express Waxing Salon



Bikini Waxing

Our experienced waxing therapists in our City Aldgate Waxing Salon specialise in providing professional & discreet bikini waxing services.

Our City Aldgate Waxing Salon provides all types of Bikini Waxing: Hollywood Waxing, Brazilian Waxing to Bikini Waxing, we are experienced bikini waxing specialists.


Body Waxing

Whether you want a quick leg wax or you want your underarm hair to disappear our City Aldgate Body Waxing Salon is the perfect place for you.

Our experienced team of body waxing therapists have developed a set of waxing techniques to make your body wax in City Aldgate quick & painless. Book Your Body Waxing Today.


Experienced Therapists

Our City Aldgate Luxury Waxing Salon has our most experienced waxing therapists.

Our team of experienced female therapists in
our City Aldgate Waxing Salon specialise in providing quick & painless waxing.

We use our own brand of Luxury Hot Wax in City Aldgate to leave your skin perfectly smooth & hair-free.

The Perfect Location Less Than 10 Minutes From Bank, Aldgate & Liverpool Street


City Aldgate Express Waxing Salon

10 Minutes From Aldgate, Liverpool Street, Tower Hill & Bank Stations

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Lovely Atmosphere

Friendly and professional staff – they really make you feel at ease during the treatments. The receptionist is also really lovely, makes thing 10x easier.


Quick & Efficient

Great service, very friendly staff and efficient. My Hollywood took just 15mins and looked great!


Very Professional

The staff are always so friendly and good at their job. Im very happy with the result.


Frequently asked waxing questions

House of Wax Soho Waxing Salon, specialises in waxing hair from all areas of the body. Some of our most popular body waxing services are:


Hollywood Waxing – Our Hollywood wax removes all unwanted hair from your pubic area. Our luxury hot wax leaves the area beautifully smooth & hair-free.

Brazilian Waxing – Our Brazilian wax treatment is very similar to our Hollywood wax. The Brazilian wax removes all unwanted hair from your pubic area but leaves a sexy strip in the middle.

Bikini Waxing – Our Bikini wax removes all unwanted hair around your bikini line, providing beautiful definition to your pubic area.

Leg Waxing – We use high quality hot leg wax to provide you with silky smooth hair-free legs. We have two types of leg waxing treatments. Half leg, which is either your upper or lower leg or full leg waxing.

Eyebrow Waxing – Eyebrows provide important definition & symmetry to your face. Our team of experienced female therapist provide excellent eyebrow waxing treatment.

Male Waxing – Our team of experienced female therapists have extensive experience providing full body male waxing treatments, from male hollywood waxing to back & chest waxing.

High Quality Hot Wax

For intimate areas such as a bikini wax or a Hollywood wax we use our strip-free hot wax. Our Hot Wax is made from a special formula of fine Brazilian resins, camomile to sooth your skin after your wax & bees wax to allow it to apply to your hair.

Strip Wax

For areas such as your legs and arms we use high quality warmed strip wax. This is spread evenly & thinly over the surface of your skin and then covered with a cloth strip. We then remove the strip in the direction that your hair grows to leave you hair-free & smooth

All of our waxing therapists are trained to provide you with the perfect wax, every time & in the shortest amount of time possible. Below you will find details of how long each of our waxing treatments in our Waxing Salon in Soho usual take:


Brazilian Luxury Hot Wax – 20 Minutes

Hollywood Luxury Hot Wax – 20 Minutes

Bikini Wax – 15 Minutes

Leg Wax – 40 Minutes

Arm Wax – 30 Minutes

Back Wax – 20 Minutes

Underarm Wax – 5 Minutes

Face Wax – 10 Minutes

Eyebrow Wax – 10 Minutes

Male Hollywood Wax – 30 Minutes

Male Brazilian Wax – 30 Minutes

Male Chest Wax – 30 Minutes

Male Back Wax – 30 Minutes

Male Leg Wax – 30 Minutes

Male Arm Wax – 30 Minutes

Hollywood Waxing is one of the most popular waxing treatments in our Soho London Waxing Salon.  We use our high quality hot wax to remove all of the hair from your pubic area and provide you with the perfect Hollywood Wax. Our London Hollywood Wax takes only 20 minutes for our experienced female waxing therapists to complete.

Brazilian Waxing is the second most popular waxing treatment in our Soho Waxing Salon. Our London Brazilian Waxing removes all of the hair from your bikini line & pubic area, leaving a small strip on the front. This is a great option if you are planning on wearing a thong or bikini and do not want to be completely hairless.

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House of Wax – City (Aldgate)

Our City Aldgate Waxing Salon is in the perfect location. We are located in the heart of the City of London in Aldgate. Exactly 5 minutes from Aldgate Station & 10 minutes from, Liverpool Street, Bank, Tower Hill and Monument Stations. Address: House of Wax – Express Body Waxing Salon City, 19 White Church Lane, Aldgate, London, E1 7QR

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If you have questions or need additional information, please call us on: 0207 734 4184

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About House of Wax

London’s Top Rated Waxing Salon!

House of Wax London

House of Wax City Aldgate was founded to provide working professionals with quick, high quality waxing treatments without the usual hassle, fuss & discomfort you experience in other waxing salons. We focus on being waxing specialists, not regular beauticians. Our Bikini Wax treatments are only 20 minutes,
perfect for lunch time & after work appointments

Our Flagship store House of Wax Soho in the Heart of London. House of Wax City Aldgate is entirely focused on providing convenient express waxing services that fit around your busy working life.

Our waxing services in our City Aldgate waxing salon are quick, clean & professional. Our Salon Team developed our own set of waxing techniques to provide you with the perfect wax every time.