What Are The Benefits of Threading?

Threading is a 100% natural hair removal method, threading uses no wax or chemicals. This is what makes threading perfect for sensitive skin.

Threading at House of Wax is far less painful than other hair removal techniques. The roll of cotton gently removes hair from your face, leaving your skin untouched & free from damage.

Threading is extremely accurate, which is why threading is used to beautifully shape your eyebrows. Threading even allows individual hairs to be removed & hair can even be removed in lines to create the perfect shape for your eyebrows. Threading picks up all hairs on the surface of your face & removes even really fine hair without damaging the skin on your face.

Threading is gentle on your skin, it does not burn, damage the skin or cause allergic reaction like other hair removal techniques. This is exactly why we specialise in threading including eyebrow threading, face threading & chin threading.

Threading is perfect for clients who have acne or sensitive skin as it doesn’t damage the skin or hair follicles. Our threading therapists use anti-bacterial cotton to gently remove the hair from your face, leaving your skin untouched.

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